Jorge Lesmes

Economist and Tax Advisor

The professional firm LESMES ADVISORS is directed both to individuals and companies, offering comprehensive and effective advice. Taking as a reference offer customers "TOTAL QUALITY ON ALL OUR SERVICES".

Every company should emphasize very special attention to the economic, accounting and tax aspects of its activity, is not always easy, or necessarily profitable at managerial level, to maintain a large professional team accustomed to business, usually complex issues.

I would like to thank our clients, very sincerely, the trust in this office to ensure their issues tax and, at the same time, demonstrating new visitors our particular interest in collaborating with them through the provision of services with the certainty that they will meet their needs.


Who am I?

Jorge Lesmes Roldán

Economist, tax advisor (R.E.A.F. No. 9210), College of economists of Alicante No. 3587. His practice has focused on tax, accounting advice and financial; that has devoted more than 15 years.

Provides its advice in operations of corporate restructuring, operations of purchase and sale of companies, international taxation, real estate operations, non-profit entities and inheritance and donations.

Languages: Spanish, English.


Accounting Consultancy

Sometimes, employers relegates to accounting to a mere procedure of data collection and information generator, ignoring that the accounting is a key instrument that helps the functioning of the company, reflecting the company's actual and current image, allowing the taking of decisions at the right time.

LESMES ADVISERS offers the possibility of keeping their accounting, either from within your own organization or through our facilities, thus becoming a true external accounting department (accounting outsourcing), enabling the staff of your company can engage in other activities.

Accounting advisory services we include:

  • Design of the Plan of accounts, according to the chart of accounts, the activity of the customer-specific.
  • Regularization and closing of the accounts at the end of a period or fiscal year.
  • Computerized preparation of accounting.
  • Preparation of the annual accounts of the exercise for your deposit in the Commerce Registry.
  • Analysis and interpretation of statements or other financial statements.
  • Reporting for the purpose of diagnosis, planning, forecasting, expansion, etc.
  • Preparation, study and preparation of financial statements.
  • Valuation of companies from balance sheets, financial statements and documents provided by clients.
  • Preparation of accounting for SME’s and micro SME’s, freelancers, professionals, associations and foundations, which facilitate the fulfillment of tax and commercial obligations.

Tax Advice

The Spanish tax system stands out for its enormous complexity, not only by the number of legal standards, but also by the origin of the rules, be they national, community or international. This creates uncertainty in the business world about the tax obligations of the various contributors.

LESMES ADVISORS offers professional assistance and technical means adequate to respond to those needs that arise from the taxpayer in its dealings with the tax administrations, identifying tax contingencies and resolving the specific obligations of the tax legislation.

We provide services to legal entities and natural persons both residents and non-residents, among others, in the following fields:

  • Tax audit: identification of areas and practices of risk, and implementation of solutions.
  • Planning: after tax optimization studies.
  • Monitoring, processing and submission of tax returns from all taxes from the normal practice of the company.
  • Preparation and presentation of non-current tax returns.
  • Advice integral in matters of inheritance, successions and donations, affecting in taxation patrimonial and succession.
  • Assistance, care and advice on requirements and provisional liquidations of the various tax agencies.
  • Assistance, care and expert advice before the inspection of the various tax agencies, in the case of tax inspection.
  • Economic-administrative claims before the Court by the Inland Revenue tax records.
  • Monitoring of electronic notifications of the tax agency.
  • Continuous and immediate information about fiscal developments that occur through circular of tax news and tax legislation, rights and obligations of the taxpayer.

Business Consulting

Business consultancy provides a professional and specialized aspect to the company to deal with problems of different kinds at specific moments. It must be able to resolve complex or unusual issues and help make decisions that enable increased profitability and productivity.

LESMES ADVISERS offers assistance that require companies to identify the existing problems in your company and implement measures corrective timely and appropriate, providing impartial and objective, based on the experience of complex situations in which our intervention has been requested.

In the consultancy service we offer the following services:

  • Preparation of appraisals reports concerning the situation of the company.
  • Study and issues financial, commercial and accounting advice.
  • Corporate restructuring: mergers, divisions, social transformations, dissolutions, etc.
  • The corporate structure planning.
  • Study, advice and address the problems associated with the accounting and management of the company.
  • Analysis and planning of investments and their financing.
  • Technical assistance to companies and individuals in their relations with the public and autonomous administrations.


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